Edition 10: Breakin’ Down the Ladies’ Lineup

During this episode, the S&G crew discuss:

  • we have a Twitter account and Adam refers to it as “the Twitter”
  • should the USWNT be posting less pictures of their summer vacation and more of them practicing?
  • a look at the reserves and why they’re still vital to the Olympic roster
  • Jill Ellis’ decision to keep veterans on/around the roster vs. Klinsmann’s decision to keep Donovan off the roster
  • Who’s on the hot seat more; Jill Ellis vs. Jurgen Klinsmann?
  • the SAG crew breakdown the 18 player roster, player by player.  Plus, Adam adds one interesting fact about each player
  • what position should Christen Press play?
  • Alex Morgan is a NYTimes best selling author??!? and she’s the heir apparent to Abby Wambach
  • Mallory Pugh is 18, not 17 years old.  And Christian Pulisic has no chance at getting a date
  • the SAG crew won’t follow Beckermann, Wondo, or Beasely on Twitter
  • Carli Lloyd leaves one of Scott’s former soccer teammates at home during the World Cup.  Oh, it was her husband.

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