Edition 7: Colombian Neck-tied


During this episode, the S&G crew discuss:

  • the US is conquered by Colombia…again
  • the starting lineup + where did Fabian Johnson and Brad Guzan go?
  • did Klinsmann’s 23 man roster selection force his hand into playing players that just couldn’t compete against a talented team like Colombia
  • Conor describes his Copa experience relating it to drinking jungle juice in college and the ensuing hangover
  • is it fair to judge Klinsmann based on 1 completely negative Tweet with lots of disappointing facts?
  • Klinsmann and the ever questionable timing of his subs (but hey, at least he got the right guys on the field this time!)
  • Stars
  • Gripes
  • was the USMNT’s Copa experience a step in the right direction?
  • Player grades/ratings
  • Fire Klinsmann?

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