Episode 6: It Got Messi Versus Argentina


During this episode, the S&G crew discuss:

  • …4-0?
  • the starting line-up; what we hoped to see vs. what we saw
  • was goal #1 more of a Guzan issue or more of a “why is there nobody within 10 yards of Messi issue?”
  • the USMNT can’t keep the ball, but mostly they look like they don’t want the ball
  • Wondo finally participates in the game…fouling Messi.  And Messi appreciates the opportunity
  • Messi’s greatness
  • after basically playing 9v11 for the first half, we start Pulisic in the 2nd half
  • Stars
  • Gripes
  • What does the 3rd place game mean for you?  What should the 3rd place game mean for the USMNT?
  • Fire Klinsy?
  • And for the big finish: Adam shares his idea around stopping idiots from running onto the pitch.  And the SAG crew have a new business opportunity?

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