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A group of (former) soccer players, coaches, and passionate fans offer their perspective on all things US Soccer; it’s players & coaches, the team, and outcomes of games.  Adam, Conor, Scott and friends cover a variety of US Soccer related news and games; offering in-depth analysis of lineups, game strategies, player performance, and game flow from their perspective as former soccer players and current coaches.  Throughout the conversation, the SAG crew’s fandom comes out to provide some irrational predications, overreactions to games, and how it we’d fix it all based on our expertise demonstrated in years and years of playing FIFA (except for Adam).



Edition 12 – Catching up with the USWNT at the Olympics

During this episode, the S&G crew discuss:

  • The USWNT lineup vs. New Zealand
  • should we be surprised by Tobin Heath and Mo Brian’s addition to the starting 11?
  • is Tobin Heath finally growing into an offensive star for the USWNT?
  • is the outcome of the game a letdown?  should fans be happy with a 2-0 win?
  • is New Zealand a legit team?  or did the USWNT have a bad game?
  • do you respect the New Zealand strategy against the USWNT?
  • did the UWSNT respond well to the physical nature of the game?
  • is Mallory Pugh okay???
  • Who gets credit for the 2nd goal?  A good goal from Morgan?  Or poor GK’ing from the Kiwi goalie
  • Stars for the New Zealand game: Sauerbraunn & Heath
  • Gripes for the New Zealand game: slow starts, midfield needs to create more opportunities and control the pace of the game, & Alex Morgan
  • the USWNT lineup vs. France
  • how’d the line up changes work for the backline?  Did Engen hold her own against the French attack?
  • did France deserve to win the game?
  • what happened to Meghan Klingenberg?
  • ZIKA??!?
  • the complex substitutions by Jill Ellis
  • has Hope Solo done enough to prove how good she is at GK?
  • Stars for the France game: Kelly Ohara, Hope Solo, Allie Long
  • Gripes for the France game: wake up! Klingenberg (Jill Ellis), Morgan,Carli Lloyd


Edition 11 – Cruisin’ Past Costa Rica


During this episode, the S&G crew discuss:

  • The US Women’s Olympics Soccer team victory over Costa Rica in their final tune-up game before the Olympics in Rio
  • The USWNT were just a better soccer team than Costa Rica
  • The starting line-up.  Where was Tobin Heath and Christen Press in the starting 11?
  • How do you pronounce “Horan?”  And Horan and Allie Long’s strong performance at the central midfield position.
  • the four goals; Klingenberg to Dunn, Pugh’s solo goal, Lloyd’s header, and Press’ quick turn and finish
  • there’s show notes?
  • Carli Lloyd’s full 90 minutes coming back from injury and the confidence boost that goal will give her post-World Cup
  • the defense pressuring the ball caused lots of goals and opportunities for the UWSNT
  • Should Christen Press start over Alex Morgan?
  • Crystal Dunn has 10 goals in 2016???!?
  • Allie Long is the player of the match?
  • Stars: Pugh (Pugh, Pugh, Pugh) and Lloyd
  • Gripes: Alex Morgan and the inclusion of Rapinoe on the 18-player roster
  • Should Rapinoe be one of the reserves?
  • The S&G crew predict the starting 11 for the first game for the USWNT – Solo, Ohara, Sauerbrunn, Johnston, Klingenberg, Long, Brian, Lloyd, Dunn, Pugh and Morgan

Edition 10: Breakin’ Down the Ladies’ Lineup

During this episode, the S&G crew discuss:

  • we have a Twitter account and Adam refers to it as “the Twitter”
  • should the USWNT be posting less pictures of their summer vacation and more of them practicing?
  • a look at the reserves and why they’re still vital to the Olympic roster
  • Jill Ellis’ decision to keep veterans on/around the roster vs. Klinsmann’s decision to keep Donovan off the roster
  • Who’s on the hot seat more; Jill Ellis vs. Jurgen Klinsmann?
  • the SAG crew breakdown the 18 player roster, player by player.  Plus, Adam adds one interesting fact about each player
  • what position should Christen Press play?
  • Alex Morgan is a NYTimes best selling author??!? and she’s the heir apparent to Abby Wambach
  • Mallory Pugh is 18, not 17 years old.  And Christian Pulisic has no chance at getting a date
  • the SAG crew won’t follow Beckermann, Wondo, or Beasely on Twitter
  • Carli Lloyd leaves one of Scott’s former soccer teammates at home during the World Cup.  Oh, it was her husband.

Edition 9: Ladies Night

During this episode, the S&G crew discuss:

  • recap of of the USWNT vs. South Africa and the 1 goal we scored vs. the 10 we created
  • do we make a big deal about a 1-0 win or was it just a friendly?
  • breakdown of Jill Ellis’ starting lineup and hoping for better performances from key players (hint, Morgan, Alex and Press, Christen)
  • is the 4-3-3 the right lineup for this player pool?  does it matter with the talent we have in the player pool?
  • Alex Morgan and her unselfish runs and how she makes her wingers more dangerous
  • what happened to our midfield?  and it’s going to be tough world post-Lauren Holiday and Carli Lloyd.
  • Why in the world did Christen Press play CAM?
  • Does Hope Solo even need to be a good GK if we trot out that back-line every game?
  • And yes, Hope Solo is just that good.  Stats prove it.  The eye test proves it.
  • Meghan K and Kelly Ohara give a dynamic look to our lineup that we’re lucky to have
  • Meghan K is our favorite player and star of the game!
  • Mallory Pugh with 7 assists??!??
  • Gripes for the game: Alex Morgan and Christen Press
  • why just 1-0?
  • Jill Ellis’ problems with the lineup vs. Klinsmann’s problems with the lineup
  • why do we have a pool full of awesome women’s players?  and where’s the men’s players?
  • do you like watching the USWNT style of play?
  • Adam throws down his FIFA challenge at Conor and Scott.  And demonstrates his complete lack of knowledge for video games.

Edition 8: The Prequel Podcast

During this episode, the S&G crew discuss:

  • the S&G crew introduce themselves…7 editions after the first show
  • the S&G crew set (fairly low) expectations for themselves outside of being passionate fans
  • how each of us got to where we are today; from soccer players, to fans, to coaches.
  • Scott explains how he’s actually from New Jersey and not the Japan much to the dismay of a group of 8 year olds he coached
  • their first specific moment that really formed their tight connection to the National Team
  • their opinions on whether its more fun to watch the US Men or the US Women play?
  • their favorite Men’s and Women’s player ever?

Edition 7: Colombian Neck-tied


During this episode, the S&G crew discuss:

  • the US is conquered by Colombia…again
  • the starting lineup + where did Fabian Johnson and Brad Guzan go?
  • did Klinsmann’s 23 man roster selection force his hand into playing players that just couldn’t compete against a talented team like Colombia
  • Conor describes his Copa experience relating it to drinking jungle juice in college and the ensuing hangover
  • is it fair to judge Klinsmann based on 1 completely negative Tweet with lots of disappointing facts?
  • Klinsmann and the ever questionable timing of his subs (but hey, at least he got the right guys on the field this time!)
  • Stars
  • Gripes
  • was the USMNT’s Copa experience a step in the right direction?
  • Player grades/ratings
  • Fire Klinsmann?

Episode 6: It Got Messi Versus Argentina


During this episode, the S&G crew discuss:

  • …4-0?
  • the starting line-up; what we hoped to see vs. what we saw
  • was goal #1 more of a Guzan issue or more of a “why is there nobody within 10 yards of Messi issue?”
  • the USMNT can’t keep the ball, but mostly they look like they don’t want the ball
  • Wondo finally participates in the game…fouling Messi.  And Messi appreciates the opportunity
  • Messi’s greatness
  • after basically playing 9v11 for the first half, we start Pulisic in the 2nd half
  • Stars
  • Gripes
  • What does the 3rd place game mean for you?  What should the 3rd place game mean for the USMNT?
  • Fire Klinsy?
  • And for the big finish: Adam shares his idea around stopping idiots from running onto the pitch.  And the SAG crew have a new business opportunity?

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Edition 5: Poor, Poor Ecuador

During this episode, the S&G crew discuss: